photo: board member Charlie Ellis

District 1

present – 2022

photo: board member James Kaltenbach


Vice Chairman, District 2

present – 2022

Photo: boardmember Peter Pingerelli

District 3

present – 2020

photo: board member Barbara Wyllie

Barbara Wyllie
District 4

present – 2020

photo: board member Richard Oros

District 5

present – 2020

photo: board member Jim Migliorino

District 6

present – 2020

photo: board member Frank Straka

Chairman, District 7

present – 2022


West-MEC is governed by a seven-member board. These board members are elected from the geographic area in which they reside. West-MEC is a districted system, meaning that the seven elected members represent a specific land and populace area. The districts were approved by the United States Department of Justice and receive the same scrutiny as all electorate districted systems.

The West-MEC Governing Board is a policy setting board following the same rules and regulations as all public school district governing boards in Arizona.

Members of the public are welcome to attend each meeting of the Governing Board. By law, the board members may only address items on the agenda. Individuals are welcome to address the governing board by completing a Call to the Public form before the meeting has begun.

Board meeting agendas are posted on our website at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, at the West-MEC District Office, at all West-MEC campuses, as well as sent to all twelve member school districts.

West-MEC Governing Board meetings occur on the second Wednesday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

If you are interested in applying for a board member vacancy, please complete the application with necessary attachments, and submit to the West-MEC District Office by the required due date. The application can be found by clicking below, or in person at our District Office. Thank you for your interest.

2020 Governing Board Meeting Dates

Jan 8  1.8.20 Agenda

Special Notice 1.17.20 All Staff Meeting

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