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“The counselors, the administrators, the superintendent, the teachers, I have never seen a group of adults so interested in my child’s future and seeing them succeed.”
– Kimberly Mawk, Parent of 3 West-MEC alumni

Dear West-MEC Community Members,

Year after year, West-MEC focuses on Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that enable high school and adult students to create/make/build their future. Our unique district provides over 80,000 students with the opportunity to choose from hundreds of career-related courses that lead to certification or licensure.

Today, more than ever, it’s vital that students understand the application of academics to real-world careers. The United States is, and will be, in need of a highly trained and skilled workforce for the 21st Century. We are grateful for the opportunity to develop new and thriving educational centers where students are empowered to participate fully in the economy.

Preparing students today for tomorrow’s careers is best achieved through engagement and collaborative partnerships, extending to all reaches of the community. Our teachers and staff work side-by-side with industry experts to form advisory councils that give valuable insights for classroom and workplace application. Educators from across the state learn from our professional development offerings and bring with them insights that make us better. Signature events at each campus invite the surrounding community to learn more about what is happening right in their neighborhood. Above all, serving our communities remains a top priority.

Our annual Impact Reports provide updates for our community on a number of student, staff, and district accomplishments showing the strong link between our schools and surrounding communities. On behalf of the administration and our governing board, we invite you to explore our West-MEC Impact Reports. We look forward to building strong meaningful connections in support of student success in the coming year, and celebrating West-MEC’s strong schools and strong students.

Gregory J. Donovan,
West-MEC Superintendent

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